Destination cremation ashes

Ash destination

The amount of ash left over after cremation of an adult is 3 to 3.5 litres. For a child this will be 0.9 to 2 litres and for a (premature) baby 0.3 to 0.7 litres. Your crematorium will always know the exact value. It is possible to disperse part of the ashes, and keep the rest in an urn, mini urn or piece of memorial jewellery.

You may choose between various destinations for the ashes:

Burial or placing in a grave
Placing in a niche or urn-wall
Placing in a columbarium
Dispersing in a field or place that has fond memories
Keep the ashes in an urn or piece of ash- or memorial jewellery at home
Bury the ashes in a biodegradable urn in a special place, or leave at sea

Burial or placing in a (family grave), placing in an urn-wall

It is possible to place the ash container in an existing grave. Many crematoriums and graveyards have a so-called urn-wall. In this wall are re-sealable niches in which to place one or more urns. The space can be sealed with a beautiful text or photo plaque. The undertaker can help the bereaved with these arrangements.

Crematoriums and graveyards often have urn graves. The same regulations tend to apply to urn graves and family graves. More than one urn can be placed in an urn grave. It usually is a small cement cellar, closed with a beautiful plaque with text and/or photo’s. The advantage of this is that it may be placed close to home, so it can be visited easily. It is also possible to place the urn in a (family) grave in a graveyard. For instance one partner may want to be buried and the other cremated. The undertaker can tell you all about the possibilities and help with the arrangements.

Placing in a columbarium

Many crematoriums have a columbarium. This is a room with recesses to place urns in, open to family and friends.

Cremated ash scattering in a special place

It is possible to scatter (part of) the ashes in a place that evokes special memories or emotions. You could choose a wood, park or favourite nature haunt, or fishing spot. The owner of that place must give permission in advance. Your undertaker might be able to help. Other possibilities are scattering the cremated ashes at sea by ship or airplaine.

If you choose scattering the ashes at sea, you can do this with or without guests. Crematoriums use specialized firms to scatter ashes at sea; they collect the ashes from various crematoriums, sail out to sea and scatter the ashes (separately). If you choose to scatter the ashes privately, a ship will be rented for you. The crematorium may be ordered to handle this or you may engage a specialized firm.

If you scatter the ashes on your own grounds, please keep in mind that these grounds may in the future change hands or be differently used. You cannot take the ashes with you if you move house. Consider carefully before you scatter ashes in a specific place.

Taking the ashes home to keep in an urn or ash- or memorial jewellery

Usually ashes are kept in a decorative urn at home. The receptacle from the crematorium containing the ashes is put in a decorative urn. It may be an aluminium box or a bag, if the box would be too large. The crematorium will seal the box or bag. The decorative urn is put in a special place at home. More and more people use a special home altar for this purpose. Apart from the urns for sale at our website, we sell hollow pieces of art that you can fill with ash, or ask the crematorium to do so. We have ash-jewellery to wear or to put in a special place at home. You could keep a little of the ashes and scatter the rest.

Leave the ashes in a biodegradable urn in a special place or at sea

More and more people value ecologically sound products. You will find several ecological urns on our website. These urns stay in an excellent state until buried or left at sea, by making use of 100% biodegradable materials. This way the ashes are reclaimed by nature.